El Geotrace is the tracking equipment Deitres developed together with alarm monitoring companies.

This equipment is different from the rest because it has many special characteristics requested by alarm monitoring companies, achieving a flexible solution to enlarge their service list at no extra cost.


Calendar launch


Development time

12 months

HH software/firmware

5300 HH

HH hardware

2500 HH

One of the requirements was a system that did not use AVL software to monitor vehicles. Although Geotrace is compatible with AVL software, it is not necessary to use it because the system is compatible with the monitoring systems used by companies to monitor fixed locations. It can also be run from Domo: the online platform of Deitres. Domo platform offers the possibility to create managers’ and users’ profiles, allowing companies to make “new users” for their clients who need to manage their personal vehicle or fleet.

Using our characterized simplicity, we developed a product of intuitive configuration, giving the possibility to further develop programming. Deitres offers simple, intuitive and advanced solutions to vehicle tracking companies which do not wish to increase cost.