Photo Radar

Speed control system

The Photo Radar is a tool developed by Deitres to control vehicle speed in gated neighborhoods. This product was designed for places where drivers, cyclists and pedestrians share the same space.

Special Characteristics of the Service

  • Tickets can be downloaded from DShield web 24 hours after the offense.
  • Offence management software and radar location, including service cost.
  • Tickets are issued with the information associated with the license plate, allowing users to identify the plot, owner and person.
  • Configurable maximum speed.
  • 24 hours picture capture.
  • 24/7 after sales service.

How it works

The radar takes 5 pictures while the detected vehicle is moving in front of the radar. The radar takes pictures of the license plate. With the five photos, the device prints one picture with the date and time of the offence, detected speed and maximum speed limit allowed in the area.

Download Brochure

Speed Sign

The speed sign is an element of preventive security. It has a display showing the speed detected by the radar, which can be easily checked by the driver.