Free platform to manage IOT networks

Domo is an online platform to manage and configure the IOT networks created by Deitres. The online platform allows users to combine electronic security systems, home automation and telemetry in the same web interface.
Domo gives the companies that commercialize our equipment the possibility to provide new services without increasing cost.
Since Domo is an online platform, it does not need to be installed. The program has a database with capacity to manage large amount of data, which is hosted in a special server (with its back up) hired by Deitres. We used this interface to facilitate the access from any device (PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone).
Domo has many functions, such as automated emails, SMS, picture and video reproduction and AVL software management.

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Supports Deitres products:

City Mesh

CityMesh is the wireless communicator for Deitres alarm panels. Domo works as a monitoring system, because it receives all the events and gives users the possibility to make use of Citymesh domotic functions.


Geotrace is a vehicle tracking device reporting to Domo. The online platform works as a database, search engine and Geotrace configuration.

DShield Access Control

DShield Access Control is software that works on Domo database.

DShield Security

DShield Security is powerful software that integrates the electronic security devices developed by Deitres. It works as a Domo module.

Photo Radar

Photo Radar controls vehicle speed. Domo is used to configure remote equipment, receive offences or tickets and manage offenders’ database.


Domo works as monitoring software when there is an emergency signal sent through panic buttons. With Domo, it is possible to set up automated SMS, text messages, e-mails or alert sounds, in case of an emergency alert.

Dkeep city

With Domo, it is possible to see the monitored streets on the map and have security alert reports with the approximate location of the person who suffered the panic attack or robbery in an area of 30 meters.