Remote control for panic events

Dkeep is the remote control device for panic attack events. This product was designed by Deitres. It also has automated functions such as alarm activation, opening/close of entrance gate, home lighting, among others. This device allows alarm monitoring companies to incorporate new services for users. This function connects to CityMesh. The system can monitor as many access points as required.

Special characteristics of the equipment

  • It allows users to have the alarm close at hand.
  • It allows users to enter the house safely.
  • It has two buttons for automated functions
  • It can be simply and intuitively programmed, using Domo web.
  • It can have as many control devices as necessary.
  • It has long lasting internal battery (yearly replacement is recommended).
  • It has safe coverage within the house or shop, including backyards of 30-50 meters.
  • It is safe for employees in customer service.
  • It has low cost of implementation, making use of CityMesh connectors.
  • It does not have maintenance cost.

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