Wireless communicator

CityMesh is the wireless communicator with traditional alarm panels that brought Mesh networking to Argentina. This innovative product was fully developed by Deitres in 2009. CityMesh has continuously evolved since then. It has now turned into robust and reliable equipment in the monitoring industry.
Each CityMesh installed works as a smart node within the network, making it possible to expand natural coverage. This concept turned it into something bigger than just a simple communicator. Each device strengthens and expands the network, which was designed to have data services in a flexible and reliable way.
In its last version, CityMesh 7.0, Deitres could integrate three types of communication: RF-Mesh + LAN + 3G/4G. These technologies are integrated with Domo, which is the network management platform of Deitres, in an autonomous and intelligent way. We could develop a network with renowned stability and with more assembly flexibility and limitless node coverage.

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