AirMesh Receiver

AirMesh network and equipment management

AirMesh receiver is a complete hardware solution to replace AirMesh modem and software. It is the device that communicates AirMesh network with a PC or server. This system sends and receives messages and manages the equipment of AirMesh network. It does not need a PC, since it communicates through a serial port or IP and it can be used as a remote receiver.

Special characteristics of the equipment

  • Versatile network
  • It speeds up the system.
  • It makes maintenance tasks easier
  • 100% compatible with any operating system or monitoring software.
  • It is stable and autonomous.

Management of Domo receivers

From the online Domo Network platform, it is possible to manage AirMesh receiver, test the equipment, download its characteristics and logs and use it as a tool to configure Citymesh equipment.

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